Diplom Biology (Biological Oceanography)              2003-2008    University of Bremen (Germany)

Ph.D. (Biological Oceanography)                                2008-2011  University of Kiel (GEOMAR)



Emmy Noether research group leader                              2018-present                                           Christian-Albrechts University Kiel, Germany

DFG Cluster of excellence Fellowship                               2015-2018                             Christian-Albrechts University Kiel, Germany

Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship                              2013-2015                              Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Postdoctoral fellow                                                                2011-2012                              University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Research fellow                                                                   2011-2011                              Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel, Germany



-Ion and pH regulatory systems in aquatic organisms

-Development of ion-regulatory epithelia

-Mechanisms of biomineralization in marine invertebrates



Emmy Noether awardee (DFG)                                                        2018-present

DFG/Cluster of excellence “The future Ocean” Fellowship        2015-present

Alexander von Humboldt  Awardee                                                 2013-2015

Annette-Barthelt Prize for marine research                                   05/2008

Editorial board member of the Journal of the                               2016-present             MarineBiological Association United Kingdom

Editorial board member of Frontiers in Physiology                     2017-present



  1. New insights from an old model organism: pH regulatory systems in the sea urchin larva. SEB annual meeting Florence Italy, 2018
  2. pH regulatory systems of marine larvae: new models for gastro-intestinal health and  biomineralization in a changing environment. Anne Warner Fellowship Interview, Plymouth, UK 2018
  3. From gut to bone: pH regulatory systems in the sea urchin larva. ACTA PHYSIOLOGICA INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM, Sandbjerg, Denmark 2017
  4. Strong pH regulatory abilities enable hydrothermal vent crabs to inhabit the world´s most acidic vent systems. Annual meeting of the Society of Experimental Biology, Brighton, UK 2016
  5. Digestion at pH 10: Eco-Devo of alkaline digestive systems in basal deuterostomes. Sven Lovén Centre for Marine Sciences (University of Gothenburg), Sweden 2016
  6. The evolution of pH regulation in marine organisms. Centre Scientifique de Monaco 2016


2018        Emmy Noether programme (DFG) (1.2 Mio€; PI)                                                           2016        Cluster of excellence “The Future Ocean” mini proposal (60 K€; Co proponent)
2015        Cluster of excellence “The Future Ocean” mini proposal (75 K€; Main proponent)
2014        Cluster of excellence “The Future Ocean” Post-doc fellowship (270 K€; PI)
2013        Alexander von Humboldt fellowship (50 K€; PI)
2010        DAAD Project-based personnel exchange (27 K€)